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1.The Civil Rights movement: Evaluating Lyndon B. Johnson's character and efforts during the civil rights era | XML | gildlehr_glteach_evallyn
2.The Civil Rights movement: First day of integration at Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas; photo and first-hand account from Elizabeth Eckford's perspective | XML | gildlehr_glteach_firstday
3.The Civil Rights movement: Lyndon Johnson's commencement address at Howard University | XML | gildlehr_glteach_lynhow
4.The Civil Rights movement: The promise of democracy; JFK's radio and television report to the American people on civil rights, June 11, 1963 | XML | gildlehr_glteach_promdem
5.For educators | XML | gildlehr_glteach
6.Modules on major topics in American history: The sixties | XML | gildlehr_glteach_glcrdoc7