With an Even Hand: Brown vs. Board at Fifty All Items

1.20th Annual session of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 6-26-29, Cleveland, Ohio | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c11535
2.African American school building in South Boston, Va. | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3a35782
3.Albert Pillsbury to NAACP Secretary Mary White Ovington | XML | loc_evenhand_br0009s
4.And remember, nothing can be accomplished by taking to the streets | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c27088
5.Anson Phelps Stokes to Channing Tobias, Chairman of the NAACP, offering congratulations on the NAACP's victory in Brown v. Board of Education. | XML | loc_evenhand_br0096s
6.Arthur Spingarn, half-length portrait, facing front | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3b31067
7.Arthur Springarn, half-length portrait, facing front | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09694
8.The Birmingham News (Birmingham, Alabama), Monday, October 1, 1962Birmingham News (Birmingham, Alabama), Monday, October 1, 1962 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0158
9.Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 29 - Negro coed leaves court--Autherine Lucy, left foreground, leaves Federal Court here today with her attorneys, Thurgood Marshall, center and Arthur Shores, after court recessed | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c08276
10.Charles H. Houston to Walter White reporting on the progress of Missouri ex rel. Gaines v. Canada | XML | loc_evenhand_br0033s
11.Charles H. Houston, half-length portrait, seated at desk, facing front | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05521
12.Civil rights march in Washington, D.C., 1963 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0225s
13.Clinton, TN, school integration conflicts | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.03093
14.Colored elementary school, South Boston, Virginia | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09698
15.Daisy Bates to Roy Wilkins on the treatment of the Little Rock Nine | XML | loc_evenhand_br0127p1s
16.Dark laughter. Now I aint so sure I wanna get educated, 1963. | XML | loc_evenhand_br0172s
17.Defense attorneys from left to right are: Walter White, executive secretary of the NAACP; Charles Houston, chief defense counsel; James G. Tyson, Leon A. Ransom and Edward P. Lovett | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c01029
18.Dr. Kenneth B. Clark conducting the "Doll test" with a young male child | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c13572
19.Earl Warren to members of the Court, May 7, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0080s
20.Fables of Faubus | XML | loc_evenhand_br0131s
21.Felix Frankfurter to Earl Warren, May 17, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0082bs
22.First day of school | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.02411
23.Flag, announcing lynching, flown from the window of the NAACP headquarters on 69 Fifth Ave., New York City | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3a44956
24.George E. C. Hayes, Thurgood Marshall, and James M. Nabrit congratulating each other | XML | loc_evenhand_br0099s
25.Group of African American students in room seated three to a seat measuring thirty-six inches wide, Pleasant Grove, South Carolina | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3e02156
26.A group of African-American students leaving Central High School, under trooper escort, Little Rock, Arkansas | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c11232
27.Harold H. Burton to Earl Warren, May 17, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0082s
28.Harold P. [sic] Boulware, Thurgood Marshall, and Spottswood W. Robinson III confer at the Supreme Court prior to presenting arguments against segregation in schools during Brown v. Board of Education case | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c23956
29.Heman Sweatt (center), with Roy Wilkins (left) and Robert L. Carter (right) during press conference interview at NAACP's New York City headquarters | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c20703
30.Hon. William H. Hastie, chairman, National Legal Committee, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05515
31.Hurlock, Md. elementary school | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c26579
32.I don't want any inside interference | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09701
33.I think this is rather a sad sort of thing... | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09700
34.I'm eight. I was born on the day of the Supreme Court decision | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c32857
35.If the government doesn't support separate-but-equal schools for our children, it's guilty of discrimination! | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.04326
36.Ike with John W. Davis at the Herald Trib Forum 10/21 | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c26455
37.Inch by inch | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05522
38.Integrated classroom at Anacostia High School, Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.03095
39.James Meredith, (center) and his attorneys, Mrs. Constance Motley, (left) and Jack Greenberg, (right) paused briefly to talk with reporters in front of the Federal Courts Building in New Orleans | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05544
40.John A. Morsell, Assistant to NAACP Executive Secretary to President John F. Kennedy requesting the assistance of the federal government in the case of James Meredith, September 21, 1962 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0156p1s
41.Life magazine, September 6, 1963 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0217s
42.Linda Brown Smith, Ethel Louise Belton Brown, Harry Briggs, Jr., and Spottswood Bolling, Jr. during press conference at Hotel Americana | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c12705
43.Louis L. Redding, left, of Wilmington, Del., and Thurgood Marshall, general counsel for NAACP, conferring at the Supreme Court, during a recess in the court's hearing on racial integration in the public schools | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c17797
44.Miss Mary Brent, principal of Glenn School, greets pupils, both white and Negro, in a previously all-white school | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c26456
45.Mrs. Nettie Hunt, sitting on steps of Supreme Court, holding newspaper, explaining to her daughter Nikie the meaning of the Supreme Court's decision banning school segregation | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c27042
46.Norman Rockwell to John A. Morsell, December 3, 1963 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0155s
47.--One nation-- indivisible-- | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c26888
48.Platform adopted by the National Negro Committee, 1909 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0008s
49.Reading lesson in African American elementary school in Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_evenhand_br0057cs
50.Rosa Parks's arrest record | XML | loc_evenhand_br0118p1s
51.The Russell Daily News (Russell, Kansas), Monday, May 17, 1954Russell Daily News (Russell, Kansas), Monday, May 17, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0084
52.Save Brown vs. Board of Education : build the new civil rights movement | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05391
53.School bus in Louisa County, Virginia | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05512
54.School bus serving children in the area of Fern Cliff and Louisa, Virginia in 1935 | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09696
55.School dilemma--Youths in Charlotte, N.C. taunt Dorothy Geraldine Counts, 15, as she walks to enroll at the previously all-white Harding High School, September 4th | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c17236
56.School house in Louisa County, Virginia | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05513
57.School integration. Barnard School, Washington, D.C. | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.03119
58."Segregation's citadel unbreached in 4 years," Washington Observer, Sunday, May 11, 1958 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0140
59.Six-year-old Ruby Bridges, three-quarter length portrait, standing, facing front | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c26460
60.Stephen Field to Salmon Chase | XML | loc_evenhand_br0002cp1s
61.Students arriving at the Free School #2 in Farmville, Prince Edward County, Virginia, 1963. | XML | loc_evenhand_br0203as
62.Summit Conference on Civil Rights | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c23121
63.Telegram. NAACP Executive Secretary Roy Wilkins to Herbert Brownell concerning the expulsion of Autherine Lucy, February 7, 1956 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0121s
64.This is the end of anti-civilization as we've known it | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.09702
65.This is the Negro school house I wrote about in Yale Review, Oct. 1921 | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05511
66.Thurgood Marshall with client Donald Gaines Murray, who was denied entry into the University of Maryland Law School, and another attorney, probably Charles Houston, during court proceedings, Maryland | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3a34295
67.Thurgood Marshall, Chief Counsel for the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, talking to newsmen in New York City after Supreme Court decree on school desegregation | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c12129
68.Time magazine, September 19, 1955. Cover | XML | loc_evenhand_br0115s
69.U.S. Supreme Court justices | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c13496
70.United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. Final decree | XML | loc_evenhand_br0059s
71.University of Alabama students burn desegregation literature during demonstration in Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 6 against the enrollment of Autherine Lucy, an African American student | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c20216
72.Vivian Malone entering Foster Auditorium to register for classes at the University of Alabama | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05542
73.Waiting for courtroom seats | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c13498
74.["What is done in our classrooms today will be reflected in the successes or failures of civilization tomorrow." Lindly C. Baxter]. | XML | loc_evenhand_ppmsca.05517
75.White students in class at the University of Oklahoma, and G.W. McLaurin, an African American, seated in anteroom | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c16927
76.William Douglas to Earl Warren, May 11, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0081as
77.William L. Patterson, Executive Secretary of the Civil Rights Congress, to Walter White congratulating White on the NAACP's victory in Brown v. Board of Education, May 17, 1954 | XML | loc_evenhand_br0095s
78.With an even hand : Brown vs. Board at fifty | XML | loc_evenhand
79.Woman fingerprinted. Mrs. Rosa Parks, Negro seamstress, whose refusal to move to the back of a bus touched off the bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama | XML | loc_evenhand_cph.3c09643