Civil Rights Oral History Interviews All Items

1.Alvin Pitmon talks about his experiences with prejudice in Arkansas and his feelings towards Dr. Martin Luther King | XML | wsu_croh_pitmon
2.Civil rights oral history interviews | XML | wsu_croh
3.Clarence Freeman discusses the effects of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King on himself and on Spokane | XML | wsu_croh_freeman
4.Emelda and Manuel Brown discuss racial prejudice in Spokane in the 1960s | XML | wsu_croh_embrown
5.Flip Schulke describes his experiences photographing race issues in Mississippi and the south | XML | wsu_croh_schulke
6.Jerrelene Williamson describes her experiences during the civil rights movement in Spokane | XML | wsu_croh_williamson
7.Nancy Nelson sings two civil rights spirituals | XML | wsu_croh_nelson
8.Samuel Minnix describing Spokane civil rights rally on March 26, 1965 | XML | wsu_croh_minnix
9.Verda Lofton discusses her involvement as a young teenager in a 1965 civil rights march in Spokane | XML | wsu_croh_lofton