USM Oral History All Items

1.Interview with Dr. William Penn Davis : former president of the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, president emeritus of Mississippi Baptist Seminary | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohdavisw
2.Interview with honorable Charles Evers : mayor of Fayette, Mississippi | XML | usm_coh_mus-oheversc
3.Interview with Miss Ruby Magee : a native Mississippian | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohmageer
4.Interview with Mr. Jerry Clower : native Mississippian, humorist, and businessman | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohclowerj
5.Interview with Mr. William F. Dukes : native Mississippian, lawyer and former FBI agent | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohdukesw
6.Interview with the honorable Thomas P. Brady : associate justice, Mississippi Supreme Court | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbradyt
7.Interview with the honorable Thomas P. Brady : associate justice, Mississippi Supreme Court | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbradyt2
8.Oral history with Ariel Barnes | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbarnes
9.Oral history with Bert Fells | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohfells
10.Oral history with Clearese Cook (transcript) | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcook
11.Oral history with Constance D. Baker | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbaker
12.Oral history with Curtis C. Bryant | XML | usm_coh_ohbryant
13.Oral history with Dr. Aaron Henry, prominent civil rights worker | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhenrya
14.Oral history with Dr. Arthur B. Lewis, educator | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohlewisa
15.Oral history with Dr. Barry Clemson | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohclemson
16.Oral history with Dr. Dewey Lane, Jr. | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohlaned
17.Oral history with Dr. Michael Smith | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohsmithm
18.Oral history with Dr. Peter Orris | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohorris
19.Oral history with Dr. W. B. Thompson | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohthompsonw
20.Oral history with Dr. W.J. Cunningham | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcunninghamw
21.Oral history with Dr. William A. Butts | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbuttsw
22.Oral history with Eberta Spinks | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohspinks
23.Oral history with Eddie Carthan | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcarthan
24.Oral history with Edward L. McDaniel | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohmcdaniel
25.Oral history with Fannie Lou Hamer, native Mississippian and civil rights leader | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhamer
26.Oral history with Frank Ellis Smith | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohsmithf
27.Oral history with George Rogers | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohrogers
28.Oral history with Herman Glazier | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohglazier
29.Oral history with Honorable George M. Yarbrough | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohyarbroughg
30.Oral history with Honorable Hervey O. Hicks | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhicksh
31.Oral history with Honorable O.H. Barnett | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbarnett
32.Oral history with Horace H. Harned, Jr. | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohharned
33.Oral history with J.C. Fairley, Mamie Phillips, and Charles Phillips | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohfairley
34.Oral history with James C. Simpson | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohsimpson
35.Oral history with James Nix | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohnix
36.Oral history with Jan Handke | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhandke
37.Oral history with Jesse Boyce Holleman | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohholleman
38.Oral history with Joe Martin | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohmartin
39.Oral history with Joseph E. Wroten | XML | usm_coh_ohwroten
40.Oral history with Joseph Schwartz | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohschwartz
41.Oral history with Josephine Clemons Bell | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohbell
42.Oral history with Judge Darwin Maples | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohmaples
43.Oral history with Judge Fred L. Banks | XML | usm_coh_ohbanks
44.Oral history with Julian Beck Feibleman, native Mississippian, Rabbi emeritus, Temple Sinai, New Orleans | XML | usm_coh_ohfeibelmanj
45.Oral history with Lawrence Guyot | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohguyot
46.Oral history with Lt. Col. Billie Hughes | XML | usm_coh_ohhughesb
47.Oral history with Mayor Bennie G. Thompson | XML | usm_coh_ohthompsonb
48.Oral history with Mayor E.S. Bishop, Sr. | XML | usm_coh_ohbishope
49.Oral history with Michael L. Carr Jr. | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcarr
50.Oral history with Miss Emma Ruth Corban | XML | usm_coh_ohcorbane
51.Oral history with Miss Florence Mars, native Mississippi author | XML | usm_coh_ohmarsf
52.Oral history with Miss Iva E. Sandifer | XML | usm_coh_ohsandifer
53.Oral history with Mr. Amzie Moore, Black civil rights worker | XML | usm_coh_ohmoorea
54.Oral history with Mr. Andrew R. Carr | XML | usm_coh_ohcarra
55.Oral history with Mr. Bennie Gooden | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohgooden
56.Oral history with Mr. Brad Dye | XML | usm_coh_ohdyeb
57.Oral history with Mr. Brodie Crump, businessman and journalist | XML | usm_coh_ohcrumpb
58.Oral history with Mr. C.B. Newman | XML | usm_coh_ohnewmanc
59.Oral history with Mr. C.J. Duckworth | XML | usm_coh_ohduckworthc
60.Oral history with Mr. Cecil Shelton | XML | usm_coh_ohsheltonc
61.Oral history with Mr. Charles Cobb | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcobb
62.Oral history with Mr. Charles Johnson, Jr. | XML | usm_coh_ohjohnsonc
63.Oral history with Mr. Charlie Parker | XML | usm_coh_ohparkerc
64.Oral history with Mr. Claude Ramsay, president: Mississippi AFL-CIO | XML | usm_coh_ohramsayc
65.Oral history with Mr. Dave Dunaway | XML | usm_coh_ohdunawayd
66.Oral history with Mr. E. Hammond Smith | XML | usm_coh_ohsmithe
67.Oral history with Mr. Earl W. Banks | XML | usm_coh_ohbankse
68.Oral history with Mr. Eldridge W. Steptoe Jr. | XML | usm_coh_ohsteptoe
69.Oral history with Mr. Erle Johnston | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohjohnstone2
70.Oral history with Mr. Erle Johnston | XML | usm_coh_ohjohnstone
71.Oral history with Mr. Fred Clark, Sr. | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohclark
72.Oral history with Mr. Fred Winyard | XML | usm_coh_ohwinyard
73.Oral history with Mr. George Saxon | XML | usm_coh_ohsaxong
74.Oral history with Mr. Hollis Watkins | XML | usm_coh_ohwatkins
75.Oral history with Mr. Hugh H. Clegg, native Mississippian, former assistant director of the FBI and educator | XML | usm_coh_ohcleggh
76.Oral history with Mr. James Cohen | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcohen
77.Oral history with Mr. Jimmy Swan, radio personality and political figure | XML | usm_coh_ohswanj
78.Oral history with Mr. Joe Reyer, native Mississippian | XML | usm_coh_ohreyerj
79.Oral history with Mr. Ken Fairly | XML | usm_coh_ohfairlyk
80.Oral history with Mr. Kenneth O. Williams | XML | usm_coh_ohwilliamsk
81.Oral history with Mr. Larry Rubin | XML | usm_coh_ohrubin
82.Oral history with Mr. M.W. Hamilton | XML | usm_coh_ohhamiltonm
83.Oral history with Mr. Maurice R. Black | XML | usm_coh_ohblackm
84.Oral history with Mr. Nathaniel H. Lewis, native Mississippian | XML | usm_coh_ohlewisn
85.Oral history with Mr. Owen Cooper, president, Mississippi Chemical Corporation, retired. | XML | usm_coh_ohcoopero
86.Oral history with Mr. P.A. Tims, Sr. | XML | usm_coh_ohtimsp
87.Oral history with Mr. Paul B. Johnson III | XML | usm_coh_ohjohnsonp
88.Oral history with Mr. Percy Greene | XML | usm_coh_ohgreenep
89.Oral history with Mr. Pete Johnson | XML | usm_coh_ohjohnsonpe
90.Oral history with Mr. R. Jesse Brown, lawyer, Jackson, Mississippi | XML | usm_coh_ohbrownr
91.Oral history with Mr. Richard Boyd and Mrs. Earline Boyd | XML | usm_coh_ohboydr
92.Oral history with Mr. Rims Barber | XML | usm_coh_ohbarber97
93.Oral history with Mr. Rims Barber (1995) | XML | usm_coh_ohbarber
94.Oral history with Mr. Roger Barnhill | XML | usm_coh_ohbarnhillr
95.Oral history with Mr. Semmes Luckett | XML | usm_coh_ohlucketts
96.Oral history with Mr. Thomas J. Tubb | XML | usm_coh_ohtubb
97.Oral history with Mr. Thomas Knight, Sr. | XML | usm_coh_ohknightt
98.Oral history with Mr. Thomas Y. Minniece | XML | usm_coh_ohminniecet
99.Oral history with Mr. Thomas Y. Minniece | XML | usm_coh_ohminniecet2
100.Oral history with Mr. Troy Catchings Jr. | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohcatchings
101.Oral history with Mr. W.S. Griffin | XML | usm_coh_ohgriffinw
102.Oral history with Mr. William J. Simmons | XML | usm_coh_ohsimmonsw
103.Oral history with Mr. William Joel Blass | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohblass
104.Oral history with Mr. William Raspberry | XML | usm_coh_ohraspberryw
105.Oral history with Mr. Wilson Evans II | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohevans
106.Oral history with Mrs. Betty W. Carter, publisher, The Delta Democrat Times | XML | usm_coh_ohcarterb
107.Oral history with Mrs. Elizabeth Price | XML | usm_coh_ohprice
108.Oral history with Mrs. Ellie J. Dahmer | XML | usm_coh_ohdahmere
109.Oral history with Mrs. Frances Thornton Smith | XML | usm_coh_ohsmith
110.Oral history with Mrs. Irene (Ponder) Napier | XML | usm_coh_ohnapieri
111.Oral history with Mrs. Jane M. Schutt | XML | usm_coh_ohschutt
112.Oral history with Mrs. Lillie Jones, native Mississippian | XML | usm_coh_ohjonesl
113.Oral history with Mrs. Minnie Ripley | XML | usm_coh_ohripleym
114.Oral history with Mrs. Raylawni Branch | XML | usm_coh_ohbranchr
115.Oral history with Mrs. Sarah H. Johnson | XML | usm_coh_ohjohnsons
116.Oral history with Ms. Ruby Magee | XML | usm_coh_ohmageer2
117.Oral history with Ms. Vernon J. Keys | XML | usm_coh_ohkeys
118.Oral history with Ms. Winson Hudson | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhudson
119.Oral history with Ms. Zoya Zeman | XML | usm_coh_ohzeman
120.Oral history with Otho Monroe | XML | usm_coh_ohmonroe
121.Oral history with Peter H. Stewart | XML | usm_coh_ohstewart
122.Oral history with Phillip West | XML | usm_coh_ohwest
123.Oral history with Pinkey Hall | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohhall
124.Oral history with Professor Charles Marx, State highway patrolman, retired | XML | usm_coh_ohmarxc
125.Oral history with Professor N.R. Burger | XML | usm_coh_ohburgern
126.Oral history with R.B. Layton | XML | usm_coh_ohlayton
127.Oral history with Reuben Anderson | XML | usm_coh_ohanderson
128.Oral history with Reverend Clay F. Lee, minister of the Methodist church | XML | usm_coh_ohleec
129.Oral history with Reverend Clinton Collier | XML | usm_coh_ohcollierc
130.Oral history with Reverend Clinton Collier | XML | usm_coh_ohcollierc2
131.Oral history with Reverend James Randolph | XML | usm_coh_mus-ohrandolphj
132.Oral history with Reverend Sammie Rash | XML | usm_coh_ohrash
133.Oral history with Sandra Adickes | XML | usm_coh_ohadickes
134.Oral history with Sheila Shiki y Kessler Michaels | XML | usm_coh_ohmichaels
135.Oral history with Terri Shaw | XML | usm_coh_ohshaw
136.Oral history with the Honorable Harvey Ross | XML | usm_coh_ohross
137.Oral history with the Honorable Herman B. DeCell | XML | usm_coh_ohdecellh
138.Oral history with the Honorable Horace Buckley | XML | usm_coh_ohbuckleyh
139.Oral history with the Honorable J. P. Coleman, former governor of Mississippi and chief judge (ret.), the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit | XML | usm_coh_ohcolemanj
140.Oral history with the Honorable Mildred W. Norris, attorney, jurist, native Mississippian | XML | usm_coh_ohnorrism
141.Oral history with the Honorable Ross Robert Barnett, former governor of the State of Mississippi. | XML | usm_coh_ohbarnettr
142.Oral history with the Honorable Russell C. Davis, mayor of the City of Jackson | XML | usm_coh_ohdavisr
143.Oral history with the Honorable Tony Byrne | XML | usm_coh_ohbyrnet
144.Oral history with Will D. Campbell, Christian preacher | XML | usm_coh_ohcampbell
145.USM oral history | XML | usm_coh