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Americus, 41882

These appear to be the four women arrested July 20, 1965: Mary Kate Fishe Bell, Gloria Wise, Lena Turner, and Mamie Campbell. Who is who? Is there more information available about any of these women (esp. birth year)?

Four African American women

Americus, 45411

The clip appears to be from trial of civil rights workers charged with sedition, fall 1963. Lawyers in the clip include Thomas M. Jackson, Donald Hollowell, C. B. King, and Constance Motley.

Unknown woman

Who is this woman? She walks towards the courthouse with Thomas M. Jackson


Who are these lawyers?

white man and black woman

Who are these two people?

Americus, 48455

Americus city or Sumter County official speaking in July 1965 during the racial unrest in the city. Warren Fortson and Gov. Sanders are also seen in the clip encouraging discussion. "These problems should be worked out within the realm of government, not by some group outside of the realm of government and duly elected officials. The problem is not there, this can be managed at the polls. If these people truly do not represent the sentiment of the people of Sumter County, then the ballot box is the place to solve it."


Americus, 48497

White man talking about the possibility of voting registrars in Americus, July or August 1965. "But it won't have any immediate effect on the situation in Americus as far as sending in federal voter registrars. The action which precipitated the difficulty in Americus was caused by maintaining segregated voting lines in a polling place. Well, that has nothing to do with voter registration. And so, consequently, I do not believe that is justification for sending in federal voting registrars."

Unknown man

Americus, 48502

Clip appears to be from a August 1 or 2, 1965 protest.


Can the people leading the march be identified?


Who is the woman?


Can the people leading the march be identified?

man praying

Who is the man leading prayer?

Americus, 48501

Is this the home of Andrew Whatley?